About Me

Kenneth the Tutor

I started giving tuition while in university and have been working as a full-time tutor since graduating in 2014. I have tutored students from different schools, ranging from neighbourhood schools to schools offering Integrated Programme (IP).

Currently, I teach part-time at a tuition centre and take up additional private tuition assignments if my schedule permits.

I spend my free time watching movies, playing games (Dota 2) and reading. I aim to be financially independent by 35!


The following are my O Level, A Level and university certificates (click to expand):

Teaching Style

 Studying... (CREDITS:  STEVE S. )

Studying... (CREDITS: STEVE S.)

I believe all students have the potential to do well if they:

  • Are willingly to put in effort
  • Are consistent
  • Manage their time

That said, I will adjust the pace of the lesson to accommodate the learning style of the student.

In addition, I share with my students:

  • Revision techniques that I have used
  • Tips on how to be 'exam smart'
  • Revision planning tips

I tend to be informal with my students to encourage them to ask questions. I believe a relaxed and positive classroom atmosphere is the most conducive for learning.

Need Help Immediately?

I am active on the learning app Edusnap. My username is kennethTutor.

The app is available on Android or iOS.

Feel free to ask your questions over there! There are other students and tutors to help you as well.