Assorted links (March 2019)


1. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) lowers global growth forecast for 2019 (Channel NewsAsia)

  • "High policy uncertainty, ongoing trade tensions, and a further erosion of business and consumer confidence are all contributing to the slowdown,"

2. Positive and negative indicators of the US economy (The Indicator podcast)

3. 5 common misconceptions about the Chinese economy (The Indicator podcast)

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Assorted links (February 2019)


1. Lower chance of US recession (Ray Dalio’s Linkedin)

2. Sweet spot for federal funds rate (The Indicator podcast)

And we think our policy stance is appropriate right now. We do. We also know that our policy rate is now in the range of the committee's estimates of neutral.

3. President Trump wants “signing summit” for trade deal with China (CNN)

4. Winners and losers from Singapore’s 2019 Budget Plan (Bloomberg)

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