Recommended Additional Maths Books

 My collection of A Maths Books

My collection of A Maths Books

When I started giving tuition for A Maths, I went to Popular bookstore to find a book for revision. I was overwhelmed by the large selection of assessment books available and couldn't find the 'right' book to buy. All of them looked the same!

Over time, after more research and receiving recommendations from my students, I have built up a fairly large collection of A Maths books. 

The books listed here are the 'recommended' ones from my collection. They are categorised as follows:

  1. Quick Revision Guide
  2. Ten-Year Series (TYS)
  3. Topical Assessment Books

When going through the books listed, ask yourself if you need the book. No point in buying one that you wouldn't use!


Disclaimer: I have no relationship with any publisher and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Quick Revision Guide - To Prepare for Tests & Exams

A revision guide summarizes all concepts covered, such as formulas, theorems and shapes of graphs. Examples are provided to show students how to apply the concepts. Since the guide is designed for quick reference and revision, no practice questions are provided.

I recommend students to have a copy as there's a lot of concepts to remember for A Maths. If you have the time and want to save money, you can make your own revision guide.

Alternatively, two options are available for purchase. Some schools may buy in bulk for all students, so check with your teacher before purchasing.

#1: Topical Revision Notes (by Shing Lee)

 Topical Revision Notes

Topical Revision Notes

Available from:

#2: Comprehensive Notes on 'O' Level Additonal Mathematics (by Learning InterActive)

 Comprehensive Notes

Comprehensive Notes

Out of the two options, I prefer this as the presentation is clearer.

Unfortunately, the book is not available from Popular bookstore.

Available from:

Ten-Year-Series (TYS) - Past-year O Level Questions

The TYS is a collection of O Level examination questions from the past ten years. Full solutions to the question are provided.

All students should practice questions in the TYS once to familiarise themselves with the concepts. However, do not memorise model answers as questions are unlikely to be repeated. Focus on understanding the question and applying the right concepts.

For A Maths, TYS come in two versions: Yearly and Topical. In the Topical version, questions are grouped by topic rather than the year of examination.

 Topical TYS From Shing Lee Publishers

Topical TYS From Shing Lee Publishers

Schools usually require students to purchase the TYS (sometimes both the Topical and Yearly version). Check with your teacher before buying it on your own.

If you don't have one from school, I recommend the Topical version as you can choose your weak topics to focus on. 

Look for the version published by Shing Lee Publishers as the questions are furthered grouped according to their difficulty.


Topical Assessment Book - For More Practice!

If you need more practice, look for topical assessment books. The following books are available in Popular and comes with full worked solutions, sometimes in a separate booklet. 

Before purchasing, I suggest heading to Popular and look through the books. It is important to find one that you are comfortable with.

#1: Mentor Additional Mathematics

 Shinglee Mentor Series

Shinglee Mentor Series

This book provides a lot of practice questions. On average, there's a minimum of 20-30 questions for each topic.

Furthermore, questions are arranged in levels of increasing difficulty: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Start with the 'Basic' questions to improve your understanding of the concepts. Once confident, attempt the 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' questions.

Revision notes and examples are provided at the start of each chapter as well. In particular, examples are annotated with comments to explain the reasoning behind key steps.

Other similar books to consider:

#2: Pass With Distinction Additional Mathematics Topical Tests

 Pass With Distinction Topical Tests (Shinglee)

Pass With Distinction Topical Tests (Shinglee)

This book consists of 6 tests for each topic. Each test consists of 4-6 questions and takes roughly 1 hour to complete.

I like this book as the tests are short and different types of questions are covered in one  test. An ideal book to have for revision.

Avoid this book if you have problems understanding the concepts in the first place.

Final Words

Remember: Buying more books doesn't necessarily equal better results. Focus on finding the right book for yourself.

That said, I generally recommend all my students to have a copy of the following:

  1. TYS (Yearly or Topical)
  2. Quick Revision Guide for a compilation of the concepts, formulas and shapes of graphs

If you need more questions to practice, consider purchasing one of the topical assessment books. But before that, attempt the questions from your textbook and school materials. In particular, the A Maths textbooks (Additional Maths 360 or New Syllabus Additional Mathematics) have a LOT of practice questions. 

Finally, I don't recommend purchasing assessment books that compile mock examination papers as school teachers usually provide many past-year exam papers from other schools. If you need more papers to practice, you can find them online (I have compiled some links here).

If you have any other books to recommend, please let me know.